Here at AzireVPN we have a penchant for doing everything in-house.

Custom hardware

We own the custom designed diskless hardware we use to host the VPN services on, unlike others who rent servers from their data centers. It helps us not only to find issues or vulnerabilities and tweak the hardware but also to prevent any act of foulplay. We co-locate the hardware and install it in the respective datacenters ourselves.

Our hardware

Custom designed servers from Supermicro.

  • No storage
  • Multi-gigabit connections
  • GNU/Linux
  • No storage

    We removed the harddrives in our servers, all to make sure that no data is being saved.

  • Multi-gigabit connections

    All servers are connected with multiple gigabit connections to our 10GE backbone.

  • GNU/Linux

    We use a custom built GNU/Linux distribution running on read-only RAM disks.

  • Master (M)

    Master server is used for image deployment and provisioning, hidden in secret locations.

  • Slave (S)

    Our slave servers are running in all locations and used for PXE and configuration management.

  • VPN (V)

    Read-only VPN servers booted on diskless systems with on-demand scaling.

We use a unified provision system to boot all VPN servers remote from our encrypted boot servers. This enables us to run our environment in a secure read-only state and easily boot up new servers on demand.

Multiple VPN servers in different locations

As of now, we have multiple VPN servers in Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Spain and not forgetting our home country, Sweden. Each location has ample servers uniformally setup and there is no room for any discrimination in terms of features at all.

DNS servers

Our completely open and non-logging DNS servers listed below, we recommend you to use them.

Location IPv4 IPv6 DNSCrypt Port
SE Stockholm 1 2a03:8600:1001::2 Not available
US Miami 1 2606:ed00:2:babe::10 443

OpenVPN servers

All our OpenVPN clusters are listed here, each cluster consist of minimum 2 servers.

Location Servers Protocols Ports NAT / Public IP
CA Toronto 2 UDP / TCP 1194 / 443 Both
ES Malaga 2 UDP / TCP 1194 / 443 Both
SE Stockholm 8 UDP / TCP 1194 / 443 Both
UK London 4 UDP / TCP 1194 / 443 Both
US Miami 4 UDP / TCP 1194 / 443 Both
Location NAT Hostname Public IP Hostname
CA Toronto
ES Malaga
SE Stockholm
UK London
US Miami

SOCKS5 servers

SOCKS5 servers are available without authentication when connected to our VPN address ranges.

Location Hostname Ports
Global tcp/1080
CA Toronto tcp/1080
ES Malaga tcp/1080
SE Stockholm tcp/1080
UK London tcp/1080
US Miami tcp/1080

10GE network & Own Public DNS

All servers are connected to a 10 Gbit/s backbone to meet the needs of every connecting client. Also, we host two Public DNS servers with IPv6 support for anyone to use. Logs are of course completely disabled on our Public DNS servers as well.

  • Canada

    We are co-locating our servers in the most popular carrier data center of Toronto - 151 Front Street.
    ISP: 3z Canada (AS40028)

  • Spain

    In southern Spain we have our servers located at Malaga Datacenter with a dedicated 10 Gbps connection to Cogent.
    ISP: Cogent (AS174)

  • Sweden

    Located in Stockholm we have our core site at Obenetwork Kista, with redundant routing and multiple 10 Gbps connections.
    ISP: Obenetwork AB (AS197595)

  • United Kingdom

    All servers co-located in one of the largest data centers in London - Equinix LD8, connected with 10 Gbps redundant Internet.
    ISP: Obenetwork AB (AS197595)

  • United States

    Currently co-located at Netrouting in Miami - new locations coming soon, check out our roadmap for more information.
    ISP: Netrouting (AS47869)