We believe in transparancy and open information, hence we have chosen to share as much as possible with our customers.

Locations and Servers


Country City Facility Link size1 ISP AS number
Canada Toronto 151 Front Street West Toronto 10 Gbit/s 3z Canada 40028
Netherlands Amsterdam Equinix AM5 10 Gbit/s Blix Solutions 50304
Norway Oslo OS-IX 10 Gbit/s Obenetwork AB 197595
Spain Málaga Málaga Data Center 10 Gbit/s Cogent 174
Sweden Stockholm Obenetwork Kista Gate 10 Gbit/s Obenetwork AB 197595
United Kingdom London Equinix LD8 10 Gbit/s Blix Solutions 50304
United States Miami ColoHouse Miami 10 Gbit/s Netrouting 47869

DNS servers

Our completely free to use and non-logging DNS servers are listed below. We recommend everyone to use them in place of their ISP ones.

Location IPv4 IPv6 DNSCrypt port
SE Stockholm 1 2001:67c:15ec:1337::2 Not available
US Miami 1 2606:ed00:2:babe::2 443

WireGuard servers

All our WireGuard servers are listed below. Note that it is possible to connect to any port between 1 and 65000 on the endpoint. The default port is 51820.

Location Hostname Protocols Ports
CA Toronto UDP 1 to 65000
ES Málaga UDP 1 to 65000
NL Amsterdam UDP 1 to 65000
NO Oslo UDP 1 to 65000
SE Stockholm UDP 1 to 65000
UK London UDP 1 to 65000
US Miami UDP 1 to 65000

OpenVPN servers

All our OpenVPN clusters are listed below.

Location Servers Shared (NAT) IP hostname Public IP hostname Protocols Ports
CA Toronto 2 UDP and TCP 443 and 1194
ES Málaga 2 UDP and TCP 443 and 1194
NL Amsterdam 2 UDP and TCP 443 and 1194
NO Oslo 1 UDP and TCP 443 and 1194
SE Stockholm 8 UDP and TCP 443 and 1194
UK London 4 UDP and TCP 443 and 1194
US Miami 4 UDP and TCP 443 and 1194

SOCKS5 servers

All our SOCKS5 servers are listed below. They are only usable when connected to our VPN servers, without the need for any authentication. Moreover, they can be used in a chain with appropriate software.

Location Hostname Protocols Ports
Global TCP 1080
CA Toronto TCP 1080
ES Málaga TCP 1080
SE Stockholm TCP 1080
UK London TCP 1080
US Miami TCP 1080