Open-source VPN client

  • Download azclient on your platform

    Our own client, referred to as azclient, makes it a breeze for you to connect to our service. It features an easy to use graphical interface and ships with the latest OpenVPN binaries files for Windows and macOS.

    1. Download azclient using the buttons below
    2. Install the client
    3. Start the client, administrator rights might be needed
    4. Enter your username and password in the corresponding fields and select which location you want to connect to then click on Connect

    SHA256 Windows checksum: ad5b961dcca26687ba322efdb1d49e8e044f0e1fa6588363b573810c55eb7db7
    SHA256 macOS checksum: 2369690e4810ea1907f9e706529130aeffa9a5c9969324d19c6fcec70f342093