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Install WireGuard on macOS

WireGuard GUI require macOS 10.14+. You need to use WireGuard CLI if you are using an older version.

Install WireGuard GUI (recommended)

  1. Download WireGuard GUI by pressing on the green button "App Store" above or open App Store and search for WireGuard.

  2. Download configuration files for WireGuard by pressing on the green button "Configuration" above.

  3. Press on the WireGuard icon in your system tray and select "Import tunnel(s) from file..." and select the configuration zip or .conf file you downloaded at step 2.

  4. The configuration files should now be imported and you can select which location you want to connect to by pressing either connect on the GUI client or the location in the dropdown menu from the system tray.

Install WireGuard CLI

Before you start with our WireGuard CLI guide, please make sure that you have Homebrew installed.

  1. Install wireguard-tools and jq with brew.

    brew install wireguard-tools jq
  2. Run our configuration script and enter your username and password when prompted.

    curl -LO https://www.azirevpn.com/assets/dl/azirevpn-wg.sh && chmod +x ./azirevpn-wg.sh && ./azirevpn-wg.sh
  3. Turn on WireGuard.

    wg-quick up azirevpn-se1
  4. Turn off WireGuard.

    wg-quick down azirevpn-se1