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Install OpenVPN GUI on Windows

Dont forget that we have our own custom made OpenVPN client which you can find here. We recommend that you install azclient due to its simplicity.

Before you start with our guide, please download OpenVPN GUI for Windows and one configuration file.

Import configuration file

  1. Run the OpenVPN installer that you previously downloaded. Since the installation contains drivers for the virtual network interface used for the VPN connection, it requires administrative privileges to install properly. Accept the warning shown below.

  2. Click next to begin the installation.

  3. Our service uses the client developed by the OpenVPN community. To continue you must accept their license.

  4. We recommend you keep the default component selections.

  5. Choose where to install OpenVPN, we recommend you stick with the default location.

  6. Once you see this screen, the installation is finished. Click next to finalize.

  7. Uncheck the "show readme"-box and click "Finish".

Import configuration file

  1. Right click on the OpenVPN GUI icon in the activity bar (down to the right, near the clock).

  2. Select Import file.

  3. Navigate to the Download folder where you saved your configuration file and select it and press on open.

  4. Close down the notification window.


  1. Right click on the OpenVPN GUI icon in the activity bar again and select Connect.

  2. Enter your account credentials and press on OK.

  3. You can verify your connection by hovering your mouse over the OpenVPN GUI icon which will give you some essential information or simply visit our check-page

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