Stay anonymous and secure

Hide your IP address with AzireVPN and prevent tracking and surveillance on the internet.

  • IPv4 publique ou partagée (NAT)

    Open all incoming ports to your client with Public IP's.

  • Bande passante illimitée

    Bande passante toujours sans limite. Nous n'effectuons pas de bridage et n'appliquons pas de limite de débit sur nos serveurs.

  • Pas de journalisation

    100% no-logging policy and no personal data saved.

  • Trafic P2P autorisé

    Peer-to-peer traffic and the BitTorrent protocol are allowed on all of our servers.

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Install AzireVPN on Android

Our own Android client makes it a breeze for you to connect to our service.

  • Easy to use

    It is now easier than ever to connect to our endpoints on Android.

  • Improve your speed and latency

    Fully multithreaded which makes it superior in performance together with modern cryptographic algorithms.

  • Seamless connection

    You can switch between 4G and Wi-Fi without even noticing when the tunnel is roaming.

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