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État des services Tous les systèmes sont opérationnels

VPN Vous n'êtes pas connecté

Fuites DNS Requiert une connexion VPN

Fuites WebRTC Requiert une connexion VPN

Les fuites DNS et WebRTC sont des problèmes communs qui peuvent être facilement corrigés. Vous pouvez apprendre comment les contrecarrer sur la page du Vérificateur de connectivité.

Questions fréquemment posées

Nous vous proposons un large éventail de questions et leurs réponses, des questions générales à propos de notre service jusqu'aux messages d'erreurs rencontrés lors de l'utilisation de nos tunnels.

  • Which tunnels are supported and which one should I use?

    We support both WireGuard and OpenVPN. WireGuard is a new promising tunnel and we recommend our users to use it, as it is more robust, faster and less bloated than OpenVPN. WireGuard is currently available on Windows, Linux, some routers using OpenWrt, Android, iOS and macOS.

    Tunnels are for users who are seeking maximum privacy and security and want to encrypt all their traffic, from all applications.

    You can find more information on the Tunnels page.

  • How many times can I switch locations?

    You can switch locations as often as you wish, and enjoying the exact same benefits on each one of them.

  • Is there any bandwidth or traffic limit?

    No, we do not throttle or limit the bandwidth and do not apply any traffic limit. You can download and upload as much data as you want, on every location. We are using dedicated network links and carefully chosen providers for maximum network quality and throughput, to satisfy all of our users needs.

  • How long can I stay connected to your service?

    You can stay permanently connected to our service. We do not impose any restriction or timeout if you do not use the connection. We encourage our users to use our service whenever they are connected in order to maximize their online privacy, including on their mobile devices.

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