Suivez nos guides étape par étape afin d'être connecté en un clin d'œil.

Install WireGuard on Windows

Try the pre-alpha WireGuard implementation on Windows. Be aware that it may contain security issues and bugs! As always when you stumble upon a bug, please inform the WireGuard team of your discovery.

Install WireGuard GUI

  1. Download WireGuard GUI by pressing on the green button "WireGuard" above.

  2. Download configuration files for WireGuard by pressing on the green button "Configuration" above.

  3. Run the WireGuard installation file and follow the instructions.

  4. Open the WireGuard GUI and press on "Add tunnel" and select the configuration zip or .conf file you downloaded at step 2 and press "Open".

  5. The configuration files should now be imported and you can select which location you want to connect to by pressing "Activate".