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Autostart OpenVPN on Windows

Please follow the guide for OpenVPN GUI before you start configuring AuthStart

Configure autostart

  1. Navigate to your configuration folder, in the latest version of OpenVPN your imported .ovpn files will be stored under your account documentation folder. For Autostart to work you will need to navigate to the legacy folder which is in the program files folder. Copy your .ovpn file which you want to be connected with to the program files folder and create a new file called: user.auth

  2. Open up your user.auth file and add your username on line 1 and password on line 2

  3. Open up your .ovpn configuration file

    Edit line 8 to this:

    auth-user-pass user.auth

    Add this to a new line:

    auth-retry nointeract
  4. Open up Run by holding Windows-key + R, or search for run. Type in services.msc in the text field and press OK

  5. Locate OpenVpnService (Not OpenVPN Legacy Service or OpenVPN Interactive Service) and double-click on it

  6. Change Startup type to: Automatic, and press OK. Close down the Window. You are now done configuring autostart for OpenVPN on Windows.

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