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Installing WireGuard on Windows using TunSafe

This guide was last reviewed using

  • TunSafe version 1.4-rc1

Some steps may slightly differ at the time of your reading.

Installing TunSafe

  1. Download the installer available on the Download page from the TunSafe official website.

  2. Double-click on the downloaded executable file to run the installer and begin the installation of TunSafe. Administrator rights might be required. If the User Account Control window shows up, click on Yes.

  3. If you agree with the terms of the agreement, click on I Agree.

  4. In the Choose Components panel, every component must be checked. The TAP component is necessary to TunSafe to allow it to capture network packets and retransmit them through the WireGuard tunnel. Click on Next >.

    Keep the TunSafe-TAP Ethernet Adapter (GPL) component checked even if the one from an OpenVPN client is installed as it might be separately updated by the TunSafe team.

  5. In the Choose Install Location panel, review the Destination Folder then click on Next >.

    Keep the Destination Folder as it is, along with other software unless you install them all in another location.

  6. To finalize the installation, click on Install. The installer will now automatically download the TunSafe-TAP installer and install it. A confirmation might be required. If the Windows Security window shows up, click on Install.

  7. If everything went fine, the TunSafe client will automatically open itself.

Generating and importing the WireGuard configuration

  1. Generate a configuration file using our WireGuard configuration generator. A .conf file or an archive containing many configuration files should have been downloaded.

  2. In TunSafe, click on the File menu > Import File….

    If you downloaded an archive of configuration files, extract them all.

  3. Navigate to the folder you downloaded your configuration file in, click on it then click on Open.

Connecting to our service

  1. At this point, TunSafe should be automatically connected to the endpoint. If that is not the case, click on Connect.

  2. The dot indicator should become green, the label next to it should display Connected and the connection be established. The log should display the Connection established. line.

  3. You can check the connection to our service on the Check page.

Configuring the Kill Switch feature

Kill Switch and Auto Start features are incompatible. At boot, the Kill Switch setting will be forgotten and must be manually set up again.

  1. Click on the Options menu > Internet Kill Switch > Yes, Both Methods.

  2. An alert box warns you that the Kill Switch feature will be turned off when the computer restarts. Click on OK.

  3. The Kill Switch should now be active. When connecting to another WireGuard endpoint, the Kill Switch needs to be turned to Off in order for TunSafe to establish the connection.

Configuring the Auto Start feature

For TunSafe to automatically connect to a server, a connection to a WireGuard endpoint needs to be made before closing TunSafe or turning off the computer.

  1. Click on the Options menu > Service Mode > Resume Connection when Windows Starts.