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Install OpenVPN on pfSense

Before you start with our guide, please download an configuration file on your current device.

Setup OpenVPN

  1. Log in to your pfSense, go to the menu System > General Setup and fill in AzireVPNs DNS servers. Also fill in IPv6 DNS-servers if you use IPv6.

  2. Go to System > Cert Manager and Add a new entry to CAs. CA Cert can be found in the config files.

  3. Then go to the menu VPN > OpenVPN > Clients. TLS key can be found in the config files. Click on + Add and fill in the following information.

  4. You can see the status of your OpenVPN connection to AzireVPN under the menu Status > OpenVPN.

  5. Go to Interfaces > (assign) to create a new interface using the OpenVPN client. Add the available network port, then click on OPT1 (or the name it got) to edit it.

  6. Now go to Firewall > NAT > Outgoing, tick "Manual Outbound NAT rule generation." and click Save. We need to copy every rule that is created for the WAN interface to also exist on the AzireVPN interface you created in the last step. At first it might look something like this:

  7. Click on the middle button to the right on each rule (one at a time) that reads "Add a new mapping based on this one". Change "Interface" to the AzireVPN Interface you created earlier and Save. After doing this to every rule you should have two of each rule, one for WAN interface and one for AzireVPN interface.

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