The latest on VPN and Internet security

Incident report

Our service experienced temporarily failures around 5:40 to 7:30 UTC which caused our web server (including our API),...

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Created at 2017-10-04 by William

Monthly update - Oct

The WireGuard protocol

We went live with a beta of the WireGuard protocol last month and has received great...

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Created at 2017-10-01 by William

Server NAT vs Public IP

Why NAT, is it considered more secure?

The simplified answer is that it could be depending on circum...

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Created at 2017-09-19 by William

WireGuard BETA

We are pleased to announce a public BETA of our WireGuard servers! Starting with servers in Stockholm, Sweden we invi...

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Created at 2017-09-10 by William

Monthly update - Sep

Okey, it is time to make use of our blog and get our words out to you! So much have happened and ...

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Created at 2017-09-01 by William


The wait is over, we can now offer you azclient, our own easy to use VPN client software to connect you to our server...

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Created at 2017-01-02 by William