Privacy Policy

We believe in transparency and open information, hence we made the choice to share as much as possible with our customers.

Privacy Policy

What information is asked for

Username and password

Username and password are used for authentication on our website and service.

Email address (optional)

The email address is used to help users which have lost their account details and is used for our optional mailing-list correspondence.

Referral code (optional)

The referral code is saved and is automatically removed from the user's account after seven (7) days, if the code was valid and the payment was successful.

WireGuard public keys (optional)

WireGuard public keys are used for authentication with our WireGuard service. These keys has no relationship with the users account.

Android APP

Creating tunnels

The app fetches a list of locations from our API and generates keys for each location. It then sends all generated public keys along with the username and password to our backend.

IP lookup

The IP lookup feature sends two requests to our backend then returns and displays the IP used in the request. This feature can be disabled in the settings menu.

What information is collected


We use Matomo as a tool to help improve the content and performance of our website. No data stored on Matomo can be used to identify a user, as the data is anonymously aggregated. az and XSRF cookies expires when the window is closed.

Payment identification number

No personal data from a payment is stored on our service. Only a payment identification number which we receive from the payment processor is stored. The payment identification number is used to track the progress of the payment and to refund the transaction. The payment relationship with the users account is automatically removed after six (6) months.

Affiliate identification number

If a user visits our website from one of our affiliates and creates an account, an affiliate identification number will be saved to the user's account. An affiliate cannot and will never see the user's account information.


When contacting our support, the email address and the content of the messages are automatically deleted after three (3) months of inactivity.

Your rights

  • You can request a confirmation to know if we have any information about you.
  • You can request to have all your information deleted from our service.
  • You can request to have your outdated information updated.
  • You can request a copy of your information.
  • You can request to have your information exported to another company, if it is technically possible.
  • You can request to restrict usage of your information where possible.

How your information can be handled

Opting-in or opting-out of our mailing-list

We provide different types of mailing-lists such as Operation Information, News and Campaigns and Account Warnings. The News and Campaigns mailing-list is opted-out by default and can be changed at any time on the manager.

Account information

The user can change or delete their email, password and tokens at any time by logging on to the manager and selecting the appropriate options.

Export account information

The user can export data that is connected to their account at any time by logging on to the manager.

Account deletion

The user can delete their account at any time by logging on to the manager. All data that is connected to the user's account is completely removed and this procedure is irreversible.

Privacy Policy

Changes to Privacy Policy

AzireVPN may make changes to this privacy policy at any time without any given notice at its discretion.

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