Privacy-minded VPN service

It is hard to avoid censorship, interception and regulations on the Internet nowadays, let us help you with that.

  • 1 Month

    5 /month
    • 5 devices allowed
    • Access all features
    • Unlimited server switches
  • 3 Months 20% OFF

    4 /month

    Total: 12 EUR 15 EUR, save 3 EUR

    • 5 devices allowed
    • Access all features
    • Unlimited server switches
  • 12 Months 25% OFF

    3.75 /month

    Total: 45 EUR 60 EUR, save 15 EUR

    • 5 devices allowed
    • Access all features
    • Unlimited server switches
  • 24 Months 35% OFF

    3.25 /month

    Total: 78 EUR 120 EUR, save 42 EUR

    • 5 devices allowed
    • Access all features
    • Unlimited server switches
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Payment methods

Choose between a wide range of payment options including Cash, PayPal, Swish, Credit Cards and many different cryptocurrencies.

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6 Locations

24 dedicated servers protecting our users' privacy

Read more about our infrastructure
  • Public or Shared (NAT) IPv4

    Choose between a Public or a Shared (NAT) IPv4 address at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    Always unlimited bandwidth. We have no shaping or speed limits on our servers.

  • Full IPv6 support

    Our service has full IPv6 support, you do not have to worry about IPv6 leaks from your ISP.

  • P2P traffic allowed

    Peer-to-peer traffic and the BitTorrent protocol are allowed on all of our servers, as we strongly believe in Internet neutrality.

Focus on security

With many years of experience within the security industry, we are more than qualified to setup and install our own hardware. It is our policy to always travel with our gear to new and current locations and rack our servers without any involved third party.

  • No logging

    We do not keep any logs whatsoever, which means we do not possess any seizable data by court orders.

  • Dedicated servers

    Our servers are running without any hard drives to be absolutely sure that no data can be stored on our physical hardware.

  • Blind Operator mode

    Restricts access to the core of our servers which prevents us from live traffic monitoring.

Next generation VPN protocol WireGuard®

Our tests on different devices have shown WireGuard to be superior when it comes to speed, its encryption performing extremely well.

Less source code means that WireGuard can be easily peer reviewed and has a smaller attack surface. This is a huge security improvement comparatively to other VPN protocols.

Find out why WireGuard is faster than OpenVPN
  • Improve your speed and latency

    With Linux kernel support, WireGuard is fully multithreaded which makes it superior in performance together with modern cryptographic algorithms.

  • Seamless connection

    WireGuard was built with roaming in mind. You can switch between 4G and Wi-Fi without even noticing when the tunnel is roaming.

  • Strong encryption

    WireGuard is currently using one of the most modern, robust and state-of-the-art cryptographic cipher suites.

AzireVPN team

Since the 23rd September, 2012

Our first Twitter post was created on the 23rd September, 2012. Since then, we have continuously worked on improving our services to become a market leading provider when it comes to privacy.

We do everything ourselves

Everything is configured, maintained and hosted in-house, we do not outsource any support or hosting services to third parties.

We care about our service

Privacy is very important for us. We love what we do and our most important mission at AzireVPN is to help people circumvent censorship.

Monthly updates and more

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