Secure your privacy with our zero logs VPN service

It is hard to avoid censorship, interception and regulations on the Internet nowadays, let us help you with that

  • Encryption

    We deploy our OpenVPN servers with state-of-the-art cipher suites for TLS and Data Channel to see that a minimum of 256-bit security is achieved.

  • No logging

    No Logs equals nothing to share. Null. Nichts. Nada.

  • Custom hardware

    We self-host or co-locate our own specially designed hardware to meet the requirements of each client that connects to achieve a no-compromise performance server-side.

  • Reasonable prices

    Being a no-frills vanilla VPN provider is not easy. Where reason is valued you would expect decent pricing and we won't disappoint you there.

    • 1 Month

      5 /month Sign up
    • 3 Months

      4.3 /month

      Total: 13 EUR

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    • Best value

      12 Months

      3.75 /month

      Total: 45 EUR

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  • For now WireGuard is free for anyone to use, all new accounts also receive a free 24 hours trial of OpenVPN.

Features accessible to all users

For great privacy, these are some of our features that we have

  • No logging

    We keep no logs what so ever, which means we have no data to hand out if we would receive a court order.

  • No ISP restrictions

    All ports open, no censorship. With AzireVPN you can always be sure to reach your destination.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    Always Unlimited Bandwidth. We have no shaping or speed limits on our servers.

  • Strong encryption

    On our OpenVPN servers we offer the best encryption possible with AES-256 and TLS auth.

  • Works on all devices

    Our service works on all devices. Everything from Windows, iPhone and Android to Mac OS X and Linux.

  • Full IPv6 support

    Our service has full IPv6 support, you don't have to worry about IPv6 leaks from your ISP.

  • AzireVPN <3 Open-Source

    We have written our own OpenVPN GUI from scratch and licensed it as GPL-2.0. It is written in C++ with Qt5 and ships with the latest OpenVPN binaries for Windows and macOS.


    Currently we have only pre-built installers for Windows and macOS, which you can download above. For Linux, you will have to compile it yourself for now, check out our Github repository for more information about that.

    GitHub repository

  • We do everything in-house

    With many years of experiencing routing larger networks, we're more then qualified to setup and install our own hardware. We have a policy to always travel with our gear to new and current locations and rack our servers ourself.

    • Planning
    • Hardware installation
    • Software deployment
    • Service maintenance

    Currently visited and operating in these countries

    • Canada
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • United Kingdom
    • United States


Technical details about our service

  • Backend

    Unsung efforts that we put in to make this service happen.

    • Own custom made hardware

      We own the custom designed hardware we use to host the VPN servers on. For example to make sure that no port are left open.

    • Diskless servers

      Our servers are running without hard drives to be absolutely sure that no data can be stored on our physical hardware.

    • Uniform setup

      We maintain an uniformity of the setup regardless of the location. So you do not have to connect to a specific server to enjoy the "special" benefits.

    • Self-hosted public DNS servers

      We provide Public no-logs nameservers for anyone to use freely with IPv6 support.

    • No outsourcing

      We like to do everything in-house right from hosting websites to deploying servers. We are serious about our business.

  • Tunnels

    We use release channel OpenVPN to prevent any known defects from lingering on.

    • Ports and Protocols

      We offer OpenVPN on ports 443 TCP / UDP, 1194 TCP / UDP to fail throttling and traffic shaping by ISPs on standard ports.

    • Data Channel Ciphers

      AES-256-CBC with HMAC-SHA512 for authentication, AES-256-GCM (AEAD)

    • Control Channel Ciphers

      TLS v1.2: TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-GCM-SHA384 (AEAD)

    • Key sizes

      RSA key with a 4096 bit key size using a Diffie-Hellman key exchange, 2048 bit TLS additional auth key, 2048 bit TLS additional crypt key.

    • IPv4 + IPv6

      Choose between NAT or Public addresses with no extra cost. All our locations have full IPv6 support.

  • Privacy

    Among many features, logging your information will never be tolerated here.

    • Traffic or User

      We do NOT log any traffic or user activity.

    • Connection

      We do NOT log timestamps or any information relating to when you connect or disconnect.

    • Bandwidth

      We do NOT log or shape bandwidth.

    • IP addresses

      We do NOT log your original IP addresses when you connect OR the IP address that you get assigned.

    • Sessions

      We do NOT log the number of your active sessions or total sessions.

    • DNS requests

      We do NOT log your DNS requests.