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AzireVPN on Android

We are releasing our new WireGuard® custom Android application in open beta access, based on a fork of the official ...

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Published on 2019-07-03 by AzireVPN team

WireGuard implementation update

We at AzireVPN love technology and we always crave to find the best hardware and software f...

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Published on 2019-05-17 by AzireVPN team

Monthly update

New location in Oslo, Norway

We are happy to announce the opening of a new location in Oslo, Norway. Norw...

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Published on 2019-05-02 by William

Monthly update - March

Donation to WireGuard

On February, we donated to the WireGuard project in order to help and accelerate th...

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Published on 2019-03-06 by William

Monthly update - February

WireGuard new opportunity

The WireGuard wg-dynamic sub-project is beginning to take shape. This extension o...

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Published on 2019-02-18 by William

Monthly update - January

Upcoming changes to plans

We will introduce later this year a change in the currently proposed plans, which...

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Published on 2019-01-03 by AzireVPN team