About us

We have been working hard since 2012 to fight censorship and restrictions on the Internet.

Our story

AzireVPN was founded in 2012 with the mission to become a market-leading VPN service to help people avoiding censorship and interception on the Internet. Since then, the service has been continuously developed to keep up to date with the latest technologies and VPN protocols. In 2017, we released the first WireGuard powered VPN servers.

The team

AzireVPN was founded and is operated by a dedicated team of people from Sweden with many years of experience within network and security areas of the Internet.

The company

AzireVPN is owned and maintained by Netbouncer AB, registered in Sweden and operating under Swedish jurisdiction. Our office is located in central Stockholm. If you are around and feel for some security talk and coffee, do not hesitate to visit us!

  • 2021

    New Windows client

    With WireGuard

    Upgrade: Toronto, Canada

    Changing ISP to Telia.

    New location: New York, USA

    New servers co-located.

  • 2020

    New location: Madrid, Spain

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Milano, Italy

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Zürich, Switzerland

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Paris, France

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Bucharest, Romania

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Frankfurt, Germany

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Chicago, United States

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Copenhagen, Denmark

    New servers co-located.

  • 2019

    iOS app

    Released on TestFlight

    New location: Gothenburg, Sweden

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Phuket, Thailand

    New servers co-located.

    New location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    New servers co-located.

    Android app

    Released on Google Play

    New location: Oslo, Norway

    New servers co-located.

  • 2018

    Upgrade: Málaga, Spain

    Hardware upgrade

    New website

    Designed from scratch with upgraded API

    New version of azclient

    With token integration and OpenVPN 2.4.5

    Upgrade: London, United Kingdom

    Changing ISP to Obenetwork

  • 2017

    WireGuard BETA

    Rolled out first beta version of WireGuard.

    New location: Toronto, Canada

    New servers co-located.

    SOCKS5 Proxies

    As a complement to HTTP Proxy we also offer SOCKS5 Proxies now.


    Our own VPN client has been released on our site and Github!

  • 2016

    New website

    Website updated with a new layout and an unified codebase.

    New location: Málaga, Spain

    New servers co-located.

    Backend update

    Upgraded backend with a new unified codebase.

    New location: London, United Kingdom

    New servers co-located.