Configuration generator

Choose your options and generate your custom WireGuard configuration in a few seconds.


Your username and password are needed for API authentication.

Options (The defaults are advised)


Select the region(s) you want to generation configuration file(s) for.

File extension

Choose whether you want to your file in zip or conf.


Is your ISP blocking or throttling a particular port?


Choose whether you want to use IPv4, IPv6, or both protocols for tunnel traffic.

WireGuard Configuration Generator

Generate WireGuard configuration files in the browser.

Browser generator

We built this for simplicity when you need configuration files for your phone. If you are going to use these files on your computer, we recommend that you either use our bash script or the wg tool manually. You can find the script and guides for WG tool here.

Looking for OpenVPN generator?

You can find the generator for OpenVPN here.

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