Service status

Downtime? You can find live updates and other details about the all our services including VPN/proxies and web servers here.

All systems operational

Location status

Live updates on our secure VPN servers.

  • Canada - Toronto

    operating as expected

  • Spain - Malaga

    operating as expected

  • Sweden - Stockholm

    operating as expected

  • United Kingdom - London

    operating as expected

  • United States - Miami

    operating as expected

(Information provided above might be unstable when we have a dysfunct web server, so also follow our social pages to cross check the details.)

Fetch status remotely

Our coders here at AzireVPN loves playful cleverness, so we present to you a simple API to fetch the active status of all our secure VPN servers that you can use and deploy however you like, more to come soon.

Example of fetching JSON data with curl

{ "locations": [ { "ca": { "name": "Canada - Toronto", "status": "online", "desc": "operating as expected" } "es": { "name": "Spain - Malaga", "status": "online", "desc": "operating as expected" }, "se": { "name": "Sweden - Stockholm", "status": "online", "desc": "operating as expected" }, "uk": { "name": "United Kingdom - London", "status": "online", "desc": "operating as expected" }, "us": { "name": "United States - Miami", "status": "online", "desc": "operating as expected" } } ] }