We believe in transparancy and open information, hence we have chosen to share as much as possible with our customers.

Server environment


All locations are built on a kit of SuperMicro servers and a Juniper EX4300 switch.

The switch has normally one or two 10G uplinks connected and can be upgraded with 40G QSFP uplinks when needed. Each server is connected with two 1G connections towards the switch.

Our SuperMicro servers are equipped with a quad-core Intel Xeon CPU, 12GB of RAM and no hard drive or CD-ROM drive.

Installation & Maintenance Policy

We maintain a 100% self-maintained environment without any third party involved. All installations, upgrades and maintenance are made by in-house certified technicians.

Before installation we prepare all ours servers by removing hard drives, CD-ROM drives and all USB, VGA and serial ports are sealed.

PXE deployment

A custom made PXE environment is used to boot up VPN servers without any persistent storage media. The image is booted into the RAM, which means all data is lost upon reboot.