What we have done and planning to accomplish in the future!

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A vision to share with you. A journey from a small provider to a big project with an aim to serve you better. We crave to fix any limitations that we have by making changes and taking actions as needed from time to time. We plan our future upgrades to the service properly and see that everything is up and running as planned.

  • 2016

    New location: London, United Kingdom

    New servers co-located in London, UK with a total capacity of 10 Gbps.

    Released on:

    Backend update

    Upgraded backend with a new unified codebase.

    Released on:

    New location: Malaga, Spain

    New servers co-located in Malaga, Spain with a total capacity of 10 Gbps.

    Released on:

    New website

    Website updated with a new layout and an unified codebase.

    Released on:

  • 2017


    Our own VPN client has been released on our site and Github!

    Released on:

    SOCKS5 Proxy

    As a complement to HTTP Proxy we also offer SOCKS5 Proxies now.

    Released on:

    New location: CA/Toronto

    Dedicated hardware with 10 Gbps capacity.

    Released on:

    New location: Somewhere in Europe

    Exact location has not been decided yet, please contact us with suggestions.

    Estimated release:

  • 2018

    New location: US/Los Angeles

    Currently researcing ISP / Data center

    Estimated release:

Any suggestion by you would help us know things better and plan accordingly. Write to us!