Configuration generator

Choose your options and generate your custom OpenVPN configuration in a few seconds.


We made it easy for anybody to generate configuration files to import into any OpenVPN client. Follow the steps on the form below to download your file.


Select the location that you wish to connect to.

Operating system

Pick the operating system that you use. If you use macOS, Android, iOS, or a non-standard Linux distribution, we recommend you to choose "Others".

Options (advanced users only; the defaults are advised)


Some Internet Service Providers might not allow or throttle particular ports. In this case, choose one of the following ports (preferably 443). Otherwise, we recommend keeping Random.


UDP is generally the best choice as it allows the most throughput and best latency. We recommend trying TCP if you encounter issues while using UDP.

TLS cipher

For older versions of OpenVPN, you might want to use TLS v1.0, as TLS v1.2 is the most recent and secure choice.

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